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Value Walk

Global Debt: Living In A Free-Lunch World 1 hour ago
Sull and Eisenhardt, Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World 1 hour ago
Innovation And Efficiency Drive U.S. Oil Supply And Demand 2 hours ago
Should I Go For iPhone 6S Or Wait For iPhone 7? 2 hours ago
Thomas Russo: The Capacity To Suffer Doesn?t Mean You?re Supposed To Suffer 3 hours ago
Shelby Davis ? Part Four: Not Just An Investor 3 hours ago
Apple Watch Stores Set To Open April 10 5 hours ago
After Losing $60 Million In Client Funds, Canarsie Capital Investigated By DoJ, SEC 6 hours ago
Apple Car Resembles Tesla Vehicle In These Concept Images 6 hours ago
How Will The iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7 Compare? 7 hours ago
INO Traders Blog

Chaos in Yemen Could Undermine Dollar 2 hours ago
Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting 7 hours ago
Apple + Dow Jones = Better Apple Exposure (Part 2) 1 day ago
Weekly Futures Recap With Mike Seery 1 day ago
Could Denmark Be The Next Country To Remove Its Currency Ceiling? 1 day ago
Are The Markets Teetering At The Edge Of A Cliff? 2 days ago
How the Five Principles of Capital Allocation Can Mean Gold Mining Success 2 days ago
An Interesting Shale Play 3 days ago
2 Strong Sectors With 6 Strong Stocks 4 days ago
When A Cause Hits So Close To Home - INO Cares March 2015 4 days ago
Zero Hedge

The American Dream Part 3 - Moonshine, Scam, & The Delusion Of Democracy 2 hours ago
What Bond Investors Are Most Concerned About 4 hours ago
Week Ahead is Short but Eventful 4 hours ago
Complacency Reigns Supreme - "Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong", Right 4 hours ago
BiG DouCHe SPoTTeD... 5 hours ago
The Death of Hope and Belief 5 hours ago
Americans Supported and Inspired the Nazis 13 hours ago
Guest Post: The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen In A Police State Is A Dead One 17 hours ago
Finally The "Very Serious People" Get It: QE Will "Permanently Impair Living Standards For Generations To Come" 18 hours ago
A Tale Of Two Streets: Main Street Lagging, Wall Street Booming 18 hours ago
Dragonfly Capital

Top Trade Ideas for the Week of March 30, 2015: The Rest Premium 2 hours ago
Top Trade Ideas for the Week of March 30, 2015: The Best 6 hours ago
SPY Trends and Influencers March 28, 2015 1 day ago
Macro Week in Review/Preview March 27, 2015 1 day ago
Trading the Ratio of Oil Servicers to Oil 2 days ago
Trading 3 Black Crows, A Hammer and On Semiconductor 3 days ago
Premium Earnings 3-26-15 3 days ago
Crabs and Sharks in the Gold Chart: Update 3 days ago
Designing a Spring portfolio improvement trade in Home Depot 4 days ago
Premium Earnings 3-25-15 4 days ago
Angry Bear

Good Reads on a Sunday while sipping your Coffee or Tea 3 hours ago
Awaiting the 2015 Social Security Report (not holding breath) 13 hours ago
?Run Elizabeth Run? : for Majority Leader 2 days ago
Open thread March 27, 2015 2 days ago
Wikileaks releases Trans-Pacific Partnerhip investment chapter 2 days ago
Facebook Face-Off ACA v Cathy McMorris Rogers 2 days ago
Diabetes Diagnoses Surge in States Which Expanded Medicaid 4 days ago
On Baker & DeLong on House Prices Mortgages and Consumption 4 days ago
McClatchy: Fed Interest Earnings Approach $100 Billion 5 days ago
Epic Fail for the Postal Service: The wrong model and the wrong BOG 5 days ago
Big Picture

Hate Mail Rules 3 hours ago
10 Sunday Reads 8 hours ago
The Future of the U.S. Housing Finance System: Bringing the U.S. Residential Mortgage Finance System into the 21st Century 10 hours ago
Every Tom Hanks Film: 30 Movies in 6 Minutes 19 hours ago
Mesa Culpa: My 2014 Mistakes 1 day ago
MiB: Charley Ellis of Yale 1 day ago
10 Weekend Reads 1 day ago
Schools and Stimulus 1 day ago
Blurred Lines vs. Got to Give it Up 1 day ago
Succinct Summation for Week?s Events 3.27.15 1 day ago
Wolf Street

Worst Revenue and Earnings Declines Since Crisis Year 2009 3 hours ago
Marriage Made in Corporatist Heaven Hits Resistance 1 day ago
Officials Fret Bond Market Liquidity May Evaporate When Investors Finally Remove Blindfolds 2 days ago
You Should See the Reasons Cited for the Plunge of the Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index 2 days ago
These Charts Show What Mucks Up The US Housing Market 3 days ago
Airlines Keep Fuel Savings For Themselves 3 days ago
Ketchup & Mac Merger Emblematic of ?Fatally Deformed American Capitalism? 3 days ago
US Economy Heads Toward Zero Growth in Q1 3 days ago
?All the Eurozone Is Capable of Is ?Stealing? Growth from Others? 4 days ago
The ?Insanity Trade:? Where Does It Go From Here? 5 days ago
Notes from the Rabbit Hole

NFTRH 336 Out Now 4 hours ago
King?s Lead Hat? Eno 1 day ago
Financial Services Industry Eats Clients 2 days ago
Around the Web 2 days ago
Nothing to Fear? 2 days ago
No Housing Bear Signal 2 days ago
Durable Goods Take Feb. 3 days ago
Currencies 3 days ago
This Morning?s NFTRH Update on US Markets 3 days ago
US Dollar Updated 4 days ago
24/7 Wall St

7 Oil and Gas Stocks, or MLPs, Analysts Want You To Buy Now 4 hours ago
The Best Performing Stocks of 2015 in the S&P 500 4 hours ago
Will UAW Slow Auto Output? 5 hours ago
Gas Price Above $3 in California 6 hours ago
3 Key Earnings Reports to Watch in the Week Ahead 6 hours ago
GoDaddy Tops IPO Issues for the Coming Week 6 hours ago
Best Buy Closes 66 Canadian Stores, Fires 1,500 Workers 7 hours ago
Gas Price Still Above $3 In California 7 hours ago
8 Analyst Stocks Under $10 With Huge Upside Targets 1 day ago
Can Wal-Mart Compete With Amazon in Drone Delivery? 1 day ago

[video] @maxkeiser rips up £ note in front of Hoxton News: ?Fiat money is dead. Give me my free @start_coin? 4 hours ago
Complacency Reigns Supreme?Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Right? 4 hours ago
DON?T SHOOT 5 hours ago
They?re on the right track. 7 hours ago
Artist taxi driver with Russell Brand: the TREWS HOXTON NEWS @StartJOIN | @StartCOIN 9 hours ago
Will Cash Always Be Trash, Or Will It One Day Be King? 1 day ago
[KR737] Keiser Report: Deadly Sales 1 day ago
SRSRocco: ?What Happened to Ammo Will Happen to Gold & Silver!!? 1 day ago
Ain?t campaigning hell. 1 day ago
Why we need Bitcoin despite its flaws 1 day ago
Points and Figures

Individual Choice is Better Than Bureaucratic Choice 6 hours ago
Pattern Recognition: Works in Trading and in VC 1 day ago
The Smallest Possible Leads to Biggest Possible 2 days ago
Throwback Thursday Photo 3 days ago
What Should Your Business Model Look Like 3 days ago
Sometimes You Lead, Sometimes You Follow 4 days ago
Chicago Is Only As Good As It?s Hot Dog Stands 5 days ago
Valuation Discussion From Two Pros: Are High Seed Valuations Here to Stay? 6 days ago
Are You A Puppet? 1 week ago
Trade Following Apps 1 week ago
Naked Capitalism

Links 3/29/15 8 hours ago
Elizabeth Warren Strikes Back as Citigroup Tries to Blackmail the Democratic Party 13 hours ago
Joe Firestone: The New York Times Soft-Pedals the Dangers of the TPP 13 hours ago
Links 3/28/15 1 day ago
Central Banks Warn: Investors May Get Crushed When They All Run for the Exits 1 day ago
Bill Black: Meet Citi?s Ethical Underwriter Who Fought and Won: Sherry Hunt 1 day ago
2:00PM Water Cooler 3/27/15 2 days ago
Thoughts About the Trans-Pacific Partnership 2 days ago
Links 3/27/15 2 days ago
The Troika?s Leverage Over Greece: The Ongoing Bank Run 2 days ago
The Daily Gold

TheDailyGold Weekend Podcast #1 11 hours ago
Support and Resistance Levels for Gold, Silver & Miners 1 day ago
Interview with WallStreetWindow 4 days ago
What to Watch During Precious Metals Rally?03.24.15 4 days ago
Balmoral Resources Update w/ CEO Darin Wagner 4 days ago
Gold Sentiment Not Bearish Enough 1 week ago
Commodity Crash Points to a Bottom 1 week ago
Protected: Federal Reserve and Gold, Silver & US$ 1 week ago
Short-Term Bounce but Danger Looming 2 weeks ago
Precious Metals Update 2 weeks ago
Economists View

Links for 03-29-15 12 hours ago
Links for 03-28-15 1 day ago
How Idealism Can Fight Climate Change 2 days ago
Paul Krugman: Mornings in Blue America 2 days ago
Links for 03-27-15 2 days ago
Note 3 days ago
Social Insurance Makes America More Entrepreneurial 3 days ago
Links for 03-26-15 3 days ago
Links for 03-25-15 4 days ago
Links for 03-24-15 5 days ago
Survival Blog

Notes for Sunday ? March 29, 2015 13 hours ago
March In Precious Metals, by Everett Millman of Gainesville Coins 13 hours ago
Letter: Handy Well Pump 13 hours ago
Economics and Investing: 13 hours ago
Odds ?n Sods: 13 hours ago
Hugh?s Quote of the Day: 13 hours ago
Notes for Saturday ? March 28, 2015 1 day ago
Understanding Unconventional Warfare As It Applies to Conservative Families, by Swamp Fox 1 day ago
Letter Re: Bison Water Pump 1 day ago
Economics and Investing: 1 day ago
My Budget 360

Largest for-profit sees half of its students vanish in last five years: For-profits under fire as value comes into question. 14 hours ago
Bear markets happen more than people think: Since 1940 we have encountered 12 bear markets. 3 days ago
Driving our way into financial poverty with six-year car loans: Once a minority, six-year or longer auto loans now make up one third of all new loans. 1 week ago
Fed doublespeak and the dismantling of the middle class: Fed states dropping ?patient? word doesn?t mean it is impatient on rates. In 1970 roughly 7 percent of all income was earned by the top 1 percent. Today it is closer to 20 percent. 1 week ago
The next bailout will be with student loans: White House takes first steps in allowing a bankruptcy option for student debt. $1.2 trillion in student debt outstanding. 2 weeks ago
The young, broke, and indebted American: 45 percent of 25 year olds carry student debt and the median net worth of those 35 and younger is one month of expenses. 2 weeks ago
Low wage jobs and the increase in non-working America grow: Half of jobs added last month were in low wage fields and those not in the labor force jumped by 354,000. 3 weeks ago
The 35 year drought in real wages for American workers: American workers really haven?t had a raise since 1979. 3 weeks ago
The long inflation con on the public: How the CPI severely underreports inflation and the slow erosion in the American standard of living. 4 weeks ago
Subprime lending at highest level since financial crisis hit: The three leading subprime categories are auto loans, credit cards, and student debt. $189 billion in subprime loans made in 2014. 1 month ago
Stock Gumshoe

Ack! sounds like the end if the world! 17 hours ago
?Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste? (Casey?s Russian Speculation) 1 day ago
?Dumping? Alibaba (BABA)??? 1 day ago
Doc Gumshoe?s Perspectives on the Current State of Healthcare: The Long View 2 days ago
Where to invest in Energy 3 days ago
What?s ?Ruby-A?? Explaining: ?FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer?s Kryptonite? teased by Robert Williams 3 days ago
First Publicly traded Medical marijuana Co. 3 days ago
Stansberry Venture and their next ?Biotech Buyout Watch? for a New Antibiotic 3 days ago
Unrelated Business Income and IRAs? 3 days ago
Can You Actually Earn ?Royalties? From Amazon, Netflix and the Internet?s Top Retailers? 4 days ago
Mishs Global Economic Trend Analysis

Can the Eurozone Survive? Not in Its Current Form Says PIMCO; Mish Response 18 hours ago
Wally Becomes Chief Economist for Dilbert, Predicts "Bubble in Monetary Policy" 1 day ago
Patriot Act Vote Coming Up: Google joins Apple, Others Requesting Spying Controls 1 day ago
Earnings "Beat the Street" Manipulation Underway as Profit Warnings Mount 1 day ago
Misunderstanding "Peak Gold"; Gold About to Run Out? 2 days ago
SNB Warns of "Temporary Deflation", Promises Further "Unconventional Measures" Including Forex Interventions to Achieve "Stability" 2 days ago
For Robots Only: Amazon Sponsored Contest; Soft Fingers Needed 2 days ago
Damn the Reports, Full Speed Ahead; Recession Overdue; Good Time to Normalize Rates? 3 days ago
Jobs and Employment: How Much Recession Warning Can One Expect? 3 days ago
GDP Projections Drop Yet Again, Still Too High 3 days ago

Experts Admit Conspiracy Theorists Right About Rigged Stock Market: ?The Dirty Secret Is Out? 22 hours ago
What Do You Prep For: The Zombie Apocalypse: ?Assume The Just In Time Infrastructure That Supplies Our Society Breaks Down? 1 day ago
?This is Why You Need Your Money Out of the Bank?: Freeze Outs, Glitches and Holds Increasingly Locking Customers Out of Funds 1 day ago
Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War 1 day ago
Utah Lawmakers Approve Execution By Firing Squad: ?Faster and More Humane Than Botched Lethal Injections? 2 days ago
If You Are Not Thinking Tactically You Are Not A Survivalist 3 days ago
Car Shot With Taser by Border Agents Bursts Into Flames: ?Just How Much is the Public Going to Take?? 3 days ago
Madness Coming To Gold Market: ?There Are Thirty to Fifty Owners For Each Ounce of Gold That?s Out There? 3 days ago
The 4 Point Globalist Plan to Replace AMERICA With AMERIKA 3 days ago
Water Wars Loom Over California As Farmers Lose Thousands of Jobs: ?Wrestling Match Over Who Gets the Water? 4 days ago
TF Metals Report

Guest Post: "The Real Reason The American Drean is Unraveling", by Jim Quinn 1 day ago
More Expiration Shenanigans 2 days ago
April Gold Option Expiration 3 days ago
Guest Post: "Selling Time", by Paul Mylchreest of ADM Investor Services 4 days ago
Drowsy Tuesday 5 days ago
Dollar Weakness To Help Metals 6 days ago
Rhabdomancy 6 days ago
Professor Cohen Speaks in Brussels 1 week ago
Guest Post: "Is It Time To Prepare For War?", by Chris Martenson 1 week ago
Unable To Fix The Fix 1 week ago

The Fab 5 update ($100 Roll) 1 day ago
Position Updates 1 day ago
Submarine Basket update 2 days ago
Options Expiration for March 27 2 days ago
Earnings Trades update 3 days ago
Trading Activity 4 days ago
Trade Idea in Red Hat 4 days ago
An observation of the Nasdaq McClellan Oscillator 5 days ago
A follow up in Hawaiian Airlines 5 days ago
Earnings Trade: G-IIII Apparel Group 6 days ago
ETF Digest

On the 5th Day, Markets Rally A Little 1 day ago
Losing Streak Hits 4th Straight Day 2 days ago
Markets Shock And Plummet On Variety Of Factors 3 days ago
Market Bulls Become Less Certain 4 days ago
Markets With Late Day Dump 5 days ago
Markets Relish Yellen Free Pass on Quadwitching 1 week ago
Markets Reassess Big Wednesday 1 week ago
Yellen Gives Bulls What They Want 1 week ago
Waiting For The Fed 1 week ago
Bad News Bulls On The March 1 week ago
Dollar Collapse

Why We Feel So Poor, In Two Charts 1 day ago
We?re All Hedge Funds Now, Part 2: Tech Startups and Nigerian Bonds 6 days ago
We?re All Hedge Funds Now 1 week ago
We?re Very Disappointed In You! 1 week ago
Welcome to the Currency War, Part 18: Dollar Soars, Economy Disappoints 2 weeks ago
Lessons of History, Part 1: Not a Mention of Money 2 weeks ago
How Low Can The Euro Go? (Or Is That The Wrong Question?) 2 weeks ago
Aftershocks, Part 1: That Austrian Bank 2 weeks ago
The Day The Dollar Crushed Everything 3 weeks ago
What Do These Two Charts Have In Common? 3 weeks ago

RBS Is Going To Go Ahead And Take Those First Year Job Offers Back 1 day ago
Artists Formerly Known As Hedge Funds Try Hand At Rebranding, Do Even Worse Than A.F.K.A.P.E. Funds 1 day ago
Lack Of A Bonus Watch ?15: People Who Report Their HSBC Bosses For Encouraging Subordinates To Sleep With Clients 1 day ago
Dov Charney Wants $40 Million For Unpaid Vacation Days, Office Furniture, Nights American Apparel Made Him Weep 2 days ago
Insurer That Did No Work On Goldman CDO That Imploded Still Wants To Get Paid 2 days ago
Will Someone Please Finally Take This Damned Penthouse Off Steve Cohen?s Hands? 2 days ago
Opening Bell: 3.27.15 2 days ago
Write-Offs: 3.26.15 2 days ago
American Apparel Spent More Than Half Of Its Remaining Cash?And Then Some?To Get Rid Of Dov Charney 2 days ago
Outlook For Fannie, Freddie Fans Not Good 2 days ago
Value Plays

Subs: Houstonpalooza 1 day ago
Dov Is Back, Back Again?.. 2 days ago
Something at GameStop Doesn?t Add Up 2 days ago
Subs: Back In 3 days ago
Subs: End 4 days ago
Subs: Houston and Oil?. 5 days ago
Chemical Barometer Rises 5 days ago
Subs: Suits Settled 5 days ago
Government Trying to Delay Fairholme Deposition of Officials 5 days ago
Subs: Upgrade 5 days ago
Afraid to Trade

Wake Me Up When The Range Day Ends Market Update and Stock Scan March 27 2 days ago
VSpike Reversal Intraday Market Update and Focused Stock Scan 3 days ago
Biogen BIIB Shoots the Moon then Falls to Key Support Pivot 3 days ago
Selloff Market Update and Trending Stock Scan March 25 4 days ago
Repeat Bullish Pattern in Twitter TWTR Calls for New Highs 5 days ago
March 24 International ETF Color Grid Shows Two Strong Countries 5 days ago
Join Me Live for Monday Morning Market Panel Update 6 days ago
March 19 Retracement Market Update and Big Stock Scan 1 week ago
Post Fed Money Flow and Dollar Flash Crash Update 1 week ago
GoPro GPRO Reveals How to Trade Triangle Breakouts 1 week ago
The Future of Capitalism

Tough Week at the New Yorker 2 days ago
Rognlie Challenges Piketty 4 days ago
For This We Need Republicans? 4 days ago
Visa Favoritism 4 days ago
Cruz Announcement Speech 5 days ago
How Netanyahu Is Like Obama, Biden, Gore, and Clinton 5 days ago
Regulation Lags Technology 1 week ago
The One Article You Need To Understand the Israeli Election 1 week ago
MIT Economics 1 week ago
Pardon Hillary 1 week ago
Kapitall Wire

Southeast Asia: the next e-commerce frontier 2 days ago
Durable goods orders are down, and economic growth is slowing 2 days ago
Well, this is embarrassing: the AIIB leaves Washington in the dust 3 days ago
Does the cloud have a silver lining for IBM? 3 days ago
EPA and coal plant showdown at the Supreme Court 4 days ago
Zacks: Why the P/S ratio is my favorite valuation metric 4 days ago
Here we go! Nintendo enters the smartphone market 4 days ago
Four lessons from Warren Buffett?s annual letter to shareholders 5 days ago
Is there a new American Dream? 5 days ago
Election season is officially on, and these stocks may benefit 5 days ago
Liberty Blitzkrieg

Meet the Overseas Contingency Operations Account ? Washington D.C.?s Crony Capitalist War Slush Fund 2 days ago
Another Oligarch Preaches to the Peasants ? Charlie Munger Says ?Prepare for Harder World? 3 days ago
Government Report Finds DEA Agents Had ?Sex Parties? With Prostitutes Hired By Drug Cartels 3 days ago
True Story ? U.S. Military Lost Equipment from $750 Million Program, Some Ended up on eBay and Craigslist 3 days ago
Can?t Make This Up ? U.S. Providing Aid in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq Alongside Iranian Troops 3 days ago
Meet the ?Surveillance State Repeal Act? ? A Bipartisan Bill to Fully Repeal the Patriot Act 4 days ago
Facebook Reveals its Master Plan ? Control All News Flow 4 days ago
Tunisian Terror Attack Suspects Trained in U.S. ?Liberated? Libya 5 days ago
Video of the Day ? John Oliver on Municipal Fines and Private Probation Companies 5 days ago
Just Another Tale from the Oligarch Recovery ? $100 Million Homes Being Built on Spec 6 days ago
A Fistful of Euros

Is Finland?s Economy Suffering From Secular Stagnation? 2 days ago
When Will The ECB Start To Taper? 1 week ago
Why Is Spain?s Population Loss An Economic Problem? 2 weeks ago
Cyprus and Iceland: a tale of two capital controls 3 weeks ago
Does The Arrival Of Negative Interest Rates Change the Attractivess of EMU? 3 weeks ago
Pay no attention to the social democrat behind the curtain. 1 month ago
The good, the bad and the foreign: Icelandic lesson for stabilising the Greek banks* 1 month ago
Send lawyers and money 1 month ago
EuroGroup ? Money For Nothing And Your Debt For Free? 1 month ago
Cyprus: an island in search of a saga to learn from 1 month ago

Hedge Fund Links ~ 3/27/15 2 days ago
Balyasny Discloses New Stakes in Basic Energy Services & Tetra Technologies 2 days ago
Corvex Management Adds To Signet Jewelers Stake 2 days ago
Tiger Global Reduces Bitauto Stake 3 days ago
Farallon Capital Discloses Sky Solar Stake, Adds Board Members At Town Sports 4 days ago
Pershing Square Reveals Size of Valeant Investment 4 days ago
Bill Ackman Set To Increase Valeant Pharmaceuticals Position 5 days ago
Carl Icahn Increases Chesapeake Energy Stake 5 days ago
Glenview Capital Starts Manitowoc Position, Adds To Brookdale Senior Living 5 days ago
Maverick Capital & Odey Out Buying AO World Shares 5 days ago
Shadow Government Statistics

No. 708: Revised Fourth-Quarter 2014 GDP, Real Median Household Income 2 days ago
No. 707: February New Orders for Durable Goods 4 days ago
No. 706: February CPI, Home Sales and the Economy, Fed and Dollar 4 days ago
No. 705: February Housing Starts, Consumer Liquidity, GDP Outlook 1 week ago
No. 704: February Industrial Production, Producer Price Index 1 week ago
No. 703: February Nominal Retail Sales and U.S. Dollar, Fed and Markets 2 weeks ago
No. 702: Trade, Labor, Construction-Spending, Household Income, M3, U.S. GAAP-Accounting 3 weeks ago
No. 701: Publication of U.S. Government Financial Statements 3 weeks ago
No. 700: Fourth-Quarter 2014 GDP, First Revision 1 month ago
No. 699: January CPI, Real-Retail Sales and Earnings, Durable Goods, Home Sales 1 month ago
The Basis Point

4thQ GDP +2.2% 2 days ago
Jobs Market Healthy. Manufacturing Softer. 3 days ago
Mortgage Applications up. Durable Goods down. 4 days ago
Core Inflation Contained. 5 days ago
Signs of Miserable 1stQ2025 GDP? 6 days ago
Jobs Healthy. Rest of Economy Flat. 1 week ago
What Yellen Should Say. 1 week ago
Housing Starts down. 1 week ago
Manufacturing Weakens. 1 week ago
Wholesale Prices Fall after January Record Drop. 2 weeks ago

An inverse relationship at J.C. Penney 2 days ago
An inverse relationship at J.C. Penney 2 days ago
Hunting for Perks in Proxy Season 1 week ago
Goldman Sachs says ?People are People? 1 month ago
A very good deal at Ross Dress for Less 1 month ago
Straight talk in filings? 1 month ago
CFO Picks Doughnuts Over Steaks 2 months ago
SEC filings stats in 2014: a look back 2 months ago
A big sendoff for Abercrombie?s CEO 3 months ago
What was Visa waiting for? 4 months ago
Crossing Wall Street

No Back-to-Back Gains 2 days ago
Q4 GDP Revision Still at 2.2% Growth 2 days ago
Morning News: March 27, 015 2 days ago
CWS Market Review ? March 27, 2015 2 days ago
Morning News: March 26, 2015 3 days ago
Morning News: March 25, 2015 4 days ago
Ross Stores to Split 2-for-1 5 days ago
Morning News: March 24, 2015 5 days ago
On Vacation 5 days ago
Morning News: March 23, 2015 6 days ago
Avondales Blog

Company Notes Digest 3.27.15 2 days ago
Can S&P Earnings Rise if Sales Fall? 6 days ago
Company Notes Digest 3.20.15 1 week ago
Revlon 4Q14 Earnings Call Notes 1 week ago
How much spending would it take to generate inflation? 1 week ago
Company Notes Digest 3.13.15 2 weeks ago
March 2015 Investor Letter 2 weeks ago
Company Notes Digest 3.6.15 3 weeks ago
S&P Price to Peak Earnings Multiple 3 weeks ago
Company Notes Digest 2.26.15 1 month ago
Fallond Picks

Nasdaq finishes on 50-day MA 2 days ago
Big Sell Offs - But Confirmation Required 3 days ago
Low Volume Weakness 4 days ago
Bullish Pressure Continues 1 week ago
Small Caps Breakout 1 week ago
Recovery Continues on Weak Volume 1 week ago
Bull Trap in Russell 2000 2 weeks ago
Decline Slows 2 weeks ago
Further Selling Across The Board 2 weeks ago
Semiconductor Index digs in at 20-day MA 2 weeks ago
Pragmatic Capitalism

The USA is Addicted to California Agriculture (and its low Water Prices) 3 days ago
Someone is Always Outperforming Your Portfolio 3 days ago
A Bond ?Bubble? is Very Different From a Stock ?Bubble? 3 days ago
A Little Asset Price Inflation is a Good Thing 4 days ago
Lowflation Update 5 days ago
Is it Impossible to Predict the Future? 6 days ago
Ramifications of the Fed?s Portfolio Exit 6 days ago
What Constitutes Long-Term in the Stock Market? 6 days ago
Cutting Through the Currency Fog 6 days ago
Z.1 Dumpage 1 week ago

BATS reveals plans to expand new Hotspot acquisition to London 3 days ago
PayStand expands online card, check, bitcoin payment processing to point-of-sale 3 days ago
Northwest Mutual buys LearnVest, joining major players making online advisory push 3 days ago
Mutual funds in India tap WhatsApp, social media and chat to reach investors 3 days ago
Regulators build Hurricane Sandy into cyber war games 3 days ago
Nasdaq technology to power bitcoin marketplace founded by Wall Street veteran 5 days ago
Airex aims to be Amazon of finance, selling top research, data and analytics a la carte 5 days ago
Square redesigns peer-to-peer cash payments for businesses 5 days ago
Deutsche Bank cost-cutting may shrink rates trading, prime brokerage and retail operations 5 days ago
UBS and Goldman join electronic gold fix replacement 5 days ago
Coyote Blog

On Displaying the Confederate Battle Flag 4 days ago
Banning Rugby 4 days ago
Cronyism, State by State 2 weeks ago
The Face of Cronyism 2 weeks ago
Scenes from the Last Chapters of Atlas Shrugged 2 weeks ago
Matt Walsh on Net Neutering 3 weeks ago
Republicans Are Crazy for Wanting Dynamic Scoring at the CBO 3 weeks ago
LMAO -- My Kid Learns About the Cold 3 weeks ago
The Dangers of Bipartisanship 3 weeks ago
Net Neutering and Innovation -- Would Google Even Exist Under These New Rules? 3 weeks ago
All Star Charts

The Chart The Whole World Is Watching 4 days ago
Crude Oil To $70 In the Second Quarter? 1 week ago
Fox Business: Social Media Stocks Break Out 1 week ago
CNN Money MarketMadness Stock Challenge 1 week ago
Social Media Stocks Are On Fire 1 week ago
About That Outperformance From The Dow Jones Transportation Average 1 week ago
Some Thoughts On The US Dollar 2 weeks ago
Small-Caps Could Be Emerging As New Leaders 2 weeks ago
Taking The Time And Avoiding Shortcuts 3 weeks ago
Are Shares of Twitter About to Break Out? 3 weeks ago
Kid Dynamites World

Kraft-Heinz: Is This Really a Buffett-type of Deal? 4 days ago
Homebrew Batch #48: Smokey Brown Ale 1 week ago
Homebrew Batch #47: ?Get The Hops Out of the Freezer? IPA 1 week ago
You Would Never Construct A Portfolio Like the Dow 3 weeks ago
Let?s Talk About Formaldehyde Testing Regulations 3 weeks ago
Lumber Liquidators: Black and White 3 weeks ago
Buffett Being Buffett ? Highlights From Berkshire?s Shareholder Letter 4 weeks ago
Conspiracy FACT: Gold Manipulation Goes Front Page 1 month ago
Gaming Medicare 1 month ago
Healthcare.Gov: Critics Vindicated 1 month ago
Howard Lindzo

Live Streaming Video?Twitter, Periscope and Meerkat 6 days ago
The Bubble Predictions Continue?and Ted Knight 1 week ago
Laughs and Giggles ?Better than Any Vitamins. 2 weeks ago
Apple ? the first $2 Trillion Company 2 weeks ago
Charles Schwab versus The Robo?s and Wealthfront? 2 weeks ago
Stocktwits Meetups are Growing Fast?and our First SXSW FinTech and FinServ Event 2 weeks ago
Nasdaq 5,000 ?Finally the Nasdaq Passes my Cholesterol Level 3 weeks ago
Millennials, Millennials, Millennials?and Goldman Sachs as Buzzfeed 3 weeks ago
Kill all the Economists?and Remember YahooBaba and BabaHoo? 1 month ago
If The Stock Market had The Oscar?s?I Would Like to Thank the Bull Market and the God of Fear and Greed?. 1 month ago
Vitaliy Katsenelsons Contrarian Edge

How Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Investor 1 week ago
Unraveling the Mystery of Oil and the Swiss Franc 1 month ago
Cavalleria Rusticana 1 month ago
The Return of the Violin 1 month ago
Buying Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs at a Discount 1 month ago
From Communist to Capitalyeest 1 month ago
Bad News at Tesco Could Be Good News for Investors 3 months ago
Great Conductors 3 months ago
Putin?s World: Why Russia?s Showdown with the West Will Worsen 4 months ago
Investment Lessons Learned from the Poker Table 4 months ago

Google Has Rigged It?s Search Results?Is Anyone Surprised? 1 week ago
How To Get What You Want From The Stock Market 2 weeks ago
A Very Long Email From Louis CK 2 months ago
R.I.P. The StockTwits Blog Network: 5 Ways It Changed My Life 2 months ago
A Half Century of David Bowie?s Hairstyles in one GIF 2 months ago
Balzac Barely Slept: Daily Routines Of Creative People *Infograhic* 2 months ago
The Gratitude Report : Sonic Highways 4 months ago
Destroying The Myth Of The Intermediate-Term Investor 4 months ago
The Gratitude Report: Brats And Beer 4 months ago
Kim Kardashian Peaked With Break The Internet 4 months ago
Capitalist Exploits

Is This How It All Begins to Unravel? 1 week ago
Is US Dollar Carry Trade a Menopause in the Currency Markets? 2 weeks ago
This Simple Strategy Could Have Potentially Saved Billions 2 weeks ago
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