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Value Walk

Bernanke Says Presidents Need Power To Declare ?Economic Emergency? 12 minutes ago
iPhone 6S To Ship With Force Touch, 2GB RAM, And Pre-installed Apple SIM 22 minutes ago
IBM Acquires AlchemyAPI 23 minutes ago
First Eagle Fund of America Q4 2014 Commentary 29 minutes ago
Timing Value And Momentum With Valuation Spreads 32 minutes ago
Goldman Sachs On The Rise And Danger Of Shadow Banking 55 minutes ago
Mysterious, Dusty Galaxy Puzzles Scientists 56 minutes ago
India The Best-performing Emerging Market 1 hour ago
This Is The Smallest Known Life On Earth [PHOTO] 1 hour ago
Galaxy Note 5 To Feature Dual-Edge Display, Hints Samsung 1 hour ago
Pragmatic Capitalism

Vanguard Shuns Bogle, Increases International Exposure 13 minutes ago
Don?t be Fooled by the ?Passive? Wolf in Sheep?s Clothing 18 hours ago
My Biggest Investing Mistake 19 hours ago
Raising Interest Rates Might not be as Crazy as Some Make it Seem 1 day ago
Valuable Lessons From Warren Buffett?s 2014 Letter to Shareholders 1 day ago
Education Is A Hard Row to Hoe 5 days ago
When Will The U.S. Have Its Next Recession? 5 days ago
On the Extremes 6 days ago
The Rise of the Bond Market & Its Impact on Portfolio Allocations 1 week ago
Why Expectations Based Econ Models Don?t Work 1 week ago

Austria ?Pulls Ripcord? on Bailouts, Lets ?Bottomless Pit? Hypo Alpe Bank Drag State of Carinthia into Bankruptcy 1 hour ago
What?s America?s Fragility Score? 2 hours ago
Canada?s Central Bank Orders End to ?Spocking? of Debasing Canadian Dollar 6 hours ago
[KR726] Keiser report: UK?s crackhead economic policies 21 hours ago
Bernanke Wants the U.S. President to Declare ?Economic Emergencies? in Future Crises 1 day ago
2016 1 day ago
Profile in Courage 1 day ago
Bondholders ?Bailed In? In Austria ? EU Bondholders Today, U.S. Depositors Tomorrow? 1 day ago
NYC Residents Will Pay $2-3k a Month for ?Micro-Apartments? as Luxury Car Sales Outpace Regular Car Sales 1 day ago
Zero Hedge

Some Of The Best Bearish Signals Are Failed Bullish Ones... 26 minutes ago
Ferguson Cop Cleared Of Civil Rights Violations 43 minutes ago
The Scariest Spreadheet In Fed Possession Revealed 1 hour ago
Meet Landlord Loans: You Too Can Be A Real Estate Speculator 2 hours ago
Bernanke Wants The US President To Declare "Economic Emergencies" In Future Crises 2 hours ago
SaVinG PRiVaTe EmaiLS 2 hours ago
Crude Plunges On Biggest Weekly Inventory Build In 14 Years 3 hours ago
Swiss Franc Plunges On FinMin "Minimum Exchange Rate" Comment 3 hours ago
And The Market Breaks 3 hours ago
Despite Hard Data Collapse, US Services Surveys Point To Modest Bounce In February 3 hours ago
Kapitall Wire

Zacks: How to uncover institutional buying 29 minutes ago
InvenSense is on the rebound, but can it keep up momentum? 2 hours ago
3 stocks to watch when the Misery Index drops 22 hours ago
Apple Watch could crush watchmakers 1 day ago
Nasdaq breaks 5000: is a new high on the horizon? 1 day ago
Why consumer debt isn?t worth it 1 day ago
6 undervalued healthcare stocks 1 day ago
Nasdaq breaks 5000: is a new high on the horizon? 1 day ago
Eiffel Tower addition puts wind energy in the spotlight 1 day ago
Dreamworks Animation flops 2 days ago
Stock Gumshoe

Uranium 38 minutes ago
Explaining ?Payroll Certificates? as pitched by Oxford Bond Advantage 39 minutes ago
Revealed: ?Top 3 Stocks For the Small Cap Surge! ? 1 day ago
Trade Lazy, Market Turning Point, Steve Swanson 1 day ago
Next Bitcoin??? 1 day ago
The Greatest Breakthrough in the History of Medicine 2 days ago
Moneymappress Project 2A 2 days ago
Boom or Bust 3 days ago
Celiac Disease and the Ubiquitous Gluten-Free Diet 4 days ago
p/c 4 days ago

Position review in Workday 39 minutes ago
Trading using RSI starring Google 1 day ago
Trading Activity 1 day ago
Weekly Option expiration ? the plan 3 days ago
Using an Option Collar for protection 3 days ago
The Fab 5 update 4 days ago
Position Updates 4 days ago
Earnings Trades update 5 days ago
Long-term Account update 5 days ago
Submarine Basket update 5 days ago
Shadow Government Statistics

No. 701: Publication of U.S. Government Financial Statements 43 minutes ago
No. 700: Fourth-Quarter 2014 GDP, First Revision 5 days ago
No. 699: January CPI, Real-Retail Sales and Earnings, Durable Goods, Home Sales 5 days ago
No. 698: Annual Revisions to Seasonally-Adjusted CPI 1 week ago
No. 697: January Industrial Production, Housing Starts, Producer Price Index 1 week ago
No. 697: January Industrial Production, Housing Starts, Producer Price Index 1 week ago
No. 696: January Retail Sales, Slowing Economy 2 weeks ago
No. 695: Payroll-Employment Revisions ? Corrections to Inconsistent Reporting 3 weeks ago
No. 694: January Payrolls, Employment and Revisions 3 weeks ago
No. 693: December Trade Balance, Construction Spending 3 weeks ago
The Future of Capitalism

Petraeus Plea 46 minutes ago
Government Email 52 minutes ago
Paul Krugman, Fashion Critic 1 hour ago
Sweet Briar Shuts Down 23 hours ago
Summers on Taxation 1 day ago
The Odious New Yorker 5 days ago
Good for Ganek 5 days ago
Laugh Line of the Day 1 week ago
Preet Parties 1 week ago
Fannie Mae and Property Rights 1 week ago

Shock Report: White House Immigration Details Leaked: Obama Policies Will Create A ?Country Within A Country? 56 minutes ago
Creepy Tracking Tech Gone Too Far: ?Police Surveillance Now Fully Automated and Integrated Into Wireless Networks? 9 hours ago
Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack ?Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt? 1 day ago
Stock Market Bubble: Wall Street Is Ecstatic As The NASDAQ Closes Above 5000 1 day ago
LAPD Shooting: The New Michael Brown? 1 day ago
Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario: ?No Way Out? Your Money Will Be Worthless? 2 days ago
Attack On Arizona?s Internet Was the Beta Test for the Implementation of Martial Law 2 days ago
Obama?s Stealth AR-15 Gun Ban Targets Ammo: ?No One Can Import, Sell or Even Produce It? 4 days ago
Full Scale Simulation: New Study Reveals Where To Go When Civilization Collapses: ?Head For The Hills? 5 days ago
The Federal Reserve Has Unleashed a ?Virus Of Radical Monetary Policy?? and There?s No Going Back 5 days ago
24/7 Wall St

Why Analysts May Now Prefer McDonald?s Over Yum Brands 1 hour ago
Crude Price Falls on Huge Inventory Increase 2 hours ago
Is a 12% Capex Cut by Exxon Mobil Realistic? 2 hours ago
Why Merrill Lynch Threw In the Towel on Aluminum 2 hours ago
Why Starboard Sees Staples Worth Another 100% More After Office Depot Merger 3 hours ago
UBS Makes Big Changes to Equity Focus List For March 3 hours ago
What Ambarella Results Might Mean for GoPro 3 hours ago
4 Chip Stocks That Are Big Winners With New Samsung Galaxy S6 4 hours ago
Abercrombie & Fitch Makes Little Headway in Turnaround Effort 4 hours ago
Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Alcoa, Apache, Bob Evans, F5 Networks, McDonald?s and More 4 hours ago
Notes from the Rabbit Hole

Biotech Stocks Still Leading 1 hour ago
eTrade to Bullard, Evans? We Love You! 4 hours ago
It?s Not a Stock Bubble But a Bigger Corp. Bubble 19 hours ago
China?s Gold Holdings 1 day ago
Business Activity Expectations Plunging 1 day ago
Goog Bye 1 day ago
Tilting at Golden Windmills 1 day ago
Is Japan Zimbabwe? 1 day ago
China Steering Back Toward Bubbles? 1 day ago
I Like to Box in Yellow Gox Box Socks 2 days ago
Value Plays

Subs: ACAS (updated) 1 hour ago
Subs: Calloway 10k 20 hours ago
Subs: Herbalife 1 day ago
Subs: Howard Hughes Reports (Updated w/10K) 1 day ago
S&P 500 Intrinsic Value Update 1 day ago
Subs: Howard Hughes Reports 1 day ago
?Charney?s Fools? Within American Apparel 4 days ago
?Davidson? on Markets 5 days ago
Subs: Update on Woodlands Tower 5 days ago
Subs: Sears 6 days ago
Big Picture

Congrats to Josh on 100k Followers! 1 hour ago
Please Stop Talking About Inflation Adjusted Nasdaq 3 hours ago
10 Wednesday AM Reads 6 hours ago
Investment in the Euro Area: Why Has It Been Weak? 8 hours ago
Google?s New Network: MVNO 17 hours ago
Cable Television, Voting Preferences and Turnout 21 hours ago
Secular Stagnation Schematic 1 day ago
Macro Hedge Funds ?Stinking Up the Joint? 1 day ago
Pretending to Know . . . 1 day ago
10 Tuesday AM Reads 1 day ago
Angry Bear

Why Liberals Keep Losing 1 hour ago
Dear AB Readers: Please start a whispering campaign that I am Jewish. 19 hours ago
A Special Treat 20 hours ago
Open thread March 3, 2014 1 day ago
How the Supreme Court?s King v. Burwell Debacle Will End 1 day ago
Tamir Rice: 2nd Amendment Martyr 1 day ago
Netanyahu Lied so far no one Died 2 days ago
Madison Protesters the same as ISIS 2 days ago
Scott Walker Announces His Foreign Policy: Privatize Social Security and Medicare; end the food stamp program and CHIP, and repeal the National Labor Relations Act 2 days ago
Guest post: Comparing performance between Republican and Democratic years 3 days ago

Layoffs Watch ?15: RBS CEO Can?t Give An Exact Number For Investment Bank Job But Sure, The Term ?Massacre? Would Be Fairly Accurate 2 hours ago
Ken Griffin?s After Tax Monthly Take-Home Less Than You Might?ve Thought 3 hours ago
Opening Bell: 3.4.15 4 hours ago
Write-Offs: 3.3.15 18 hours ago
Journal Gets Head Start On The Complete Works of Warren E. Buffett 19 hours ago
Layoffs Watch ?15: Antony Jenkins Won?t Hesitate To Fire Everyone 22 hours ago
Lloyd Blankfein Basically Told Warren Buffett To Suck It 23 hours ago
Hedge Fund Investors Don?t Mind That Hedge Funds Have Sucked Lately 1 day ago
Bonus Watch ?14: Formerly Bankrupt Former Investment Banks 1 day ago
Opening Bell: 3.3.15 1 day ago
Coyote Blog

Republicans Are Crazy for Wanting Dynamic Scoring at the CBO 2 hours ago
LMAO -- My Kid Learns About the Cold 1 day ago
The Dangers of Bipartisanship 2 days ago
Net Neutering and Innovation -- Would Google Even Exist Under These New Rules? 2 days ago
Wow -- Two Obama Administration Economists Write Paper Saying Obama Administration Policy Was Great 5 days ago
Wow. IRS Caught in a Huge Lie 5 days ago
My Response to Triumphalism over Turning the Internet into a Utility 6 days ago
Wherein I Come Clean to Representative Grijalva 6 days ago
On Funding and Bias in Climate 6 days ago
Phoenix Wants to Double the Light Rail Tax 6 days ago
Howard Lindzo

Nasdaq 5,000 ?Finally the Nasdaq Passes my Cholesterol Level 2 hours ago
Millennials, Millennials, Millennials?and Goldman Sachs as Buzzfeed 2 days ago
Kill all the Economists?and Remember YahooBaba and BabaHoo? 1 week ago
If The Stock Market had The Oscar?s?I Would Like to Thank the Bull Market and the God of Fear and Greed?. 1 week ago
The State of The Markets in 2015?.The Bears Have Been Lucky and The Public Ripped Off Again 1 week ago
Stockwits and The (Mobile) Investor of the Future 1 week ago
The State of The Markets ? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and FOHB (Fear of Holding the Bag)? 1 week ago
Public Stock Bragging Rights?Paging Dharmesh Shah 2 weeks ago
ApplePie Capital ? Franchise Financing Made Simple 2 weeks ago
Apple passes $700 Billion ?Fluke? And?The Death of Distance and The End of Time 3 weeks ago
Dragonfly Capital

Premium Earnings 3-4-15 2 hours ago
The Oil to Bonds Ratio is Confirming a 6 Year Double Bottom 5 hours ago
Assembly Biosciences Looks to Join the Percussion Section 23 hours ago
Premium Earnings 3-3-15 1 day ago
Here Comes the Dollar?s Next Leg Higher 1 day ago
Put Raytheon on Your Radar 1 day ago
Premium Earnings 3-2-15 2 days ago
Top Trade Ideas for the Week March 2, 2015: Bonus Idea 2 days ago
Top Trade Ideas for the Week of March 2, 2015: The Rest 2 days ago
Top Trade Ideas for the Week of March 2, 2015: The Rest Premium 2 days ago
Wolf Street

Austria ?Pulls Ripcord? on Bailouts, Lets ?Bottomless Pit? Hypo Alpe Bank Drag State of Carinthia into Bankruptcy 2 hours ago
Christina Goes to War with Argentina?s Soy Farmers to Get Their US Dollars 5 hours ago
Macau Bleeds, Warns About Chinese Economy 23 hours ago
Is This the Beginning of the End of the US Auto Boom? 1 day ago
Crunch Time for the Global Corporatocracy 2 days ago
Housing Industry Frets About the Next Brick to Drop 4 days ago
The Fracking Bust Exacts its Pound of Flesh 4 days ago
Formerly Called ?Corporate Raiders,? Activist Investors a Force in New Oil & Gas Realities 4 days ago
If Greeks Did This, the Terrible Crisis Would Be Over 5 days ago
Paranoia & Purges as Oil-Bust Venezuela Unravels 5 days ago
The Basis Point

Manufacturing up, Mortgage Applications Weak 2 hours ago
Personal Income up, Spending down. 2 days ago
Weak GDP Growth just Got Weaker. 5 days ago
No Surprises in Fundamentals. 6 days ago
Housing Flat. 1 week ago
Weak Data except for Home Prices 1 week ago
Young People not Buying Homes. 1 week ago
Manufacturing Inches up. 1 week ago
Low GDP Growth Delays Fed Rate Increases. 1 week ago
Housing Still Soft. 2 weeks ago
TF Metals Report

Slaves To The Data 2 hours ago
Buying Bug-out Bunkers 101 1 day ago
About Last Night... 1 day ago
The Imperial Presidency 1 day ago
SS,DW 2 days ago
Guest Post: "Breaking Bad (Debt), by Jim Quinn 2 days ago
The Fog of War 2 days ago
Turd on with Elijah Johnson 3 days ago
SS,DD 6 days ago
Turdville Meet-up Redux 6 days ago
Points and Figures

Impressions of LA 2 hours ago
The Hot Deal 1 day ago
Warren Buffett And Seed Investing 2 days ago
Tech Is About Maximizing People, Not Tech 3 days ago
Chicago Faces the Music of Math-Illinois Next 4 days ago
It Was Tougher to Get Money in 2014 5 days ago
Net Neut Today 6 days ago
Startup Company Transition 1 week ago
Risk and Investing 1 week ago
Can You Build Creativity and Innovation Into Your Company? 1 week ago
Naked Capitalism

Robert Parenteau: The Large Fly in Krugman?s New Keynesian Soup 3 hours ago
Links 3/4/15 6 hours ago
Cecilia Nahon: Argentina vs the Vultures 7 hours ago
Impotent Western Sanctions Fail To Disrupt Russian Energy Exports 10 hours ago
The Obama Administration, Shell, and the Fate of the Arctic Ocean 11 hours ago
2:00PM Water Cooler 3/3/15 23 hours ago
John Helmer: Cyprus is More Important to Russia than Greece, but Not This Important 1 day ago
Links 3/3/15 1 day ago
Do Greece, the Troika, and the Eurogroup Actually Have a Deal? 1 day ago
Bill Black: Scott Walker?s War on Workers and the Wall Street Journal?s Cleaned-Up Coverage 1 day ago
Crossing Wall Street

Stryker Approves $2 Billion in Buybacks 4 hours ago
Morning News: March 4, 2015 6 hours ago
Mylan?s Earnings 1 day ago
80 Years of Buy-and-Hold 1 day ago
Morning News: March 3, 2015 1 day ago
The S&P 500 and Its Earnings 1 day ago
Nasdaq 5,000 2 days ago
Dividend Returns to Investors 2 days ago
February ISM = 52.9 2 days ago
Growing Divide at the FOMC 2 days ago
Quantifiable Edges

What Follows Relatively Large Drops From New Highs 4 hours ago
A Big Move Up Followed By Narrow Range on Light Volume 1 week ago
Double Outside Days for SPY 1 week ago
How The Friday Before Presidents Day Has Changed 2 weeks ago
Rob Hanna Giving Free Webinar About Trading On & Around Fed Days (Wed 5:30pm EST) 3 weeks ago
Rob Hanna Will Be On TimingResearch?s Weekly Webshow ? 1pm EST on Monday 1 month ago
A Look At The January Barometer 1 month ago
A Look At Struggling ?1st Of The Month? Bullishness 1 month ago
Fed Days After 1% Drops 1 month ago
After Monday?s Big Effort For A Small Gain 1 month ago
INO Traders Blog

Are We In A Boom Or A Bust? 6 hours ago
Are You Prepared For Negative Interest Rates? 22 hours ago
The Next Financial Crisis(es) 1 day ago
Swim Midstream with Pipeline MLPs 2 days ago
Building a Better Trader - Volume 4: Adding the Finishing Touches 3 days ago
Will there be a Marijuana ETF in 2015? 4 days ago
Weekly Futures Recap With Mike Seery 4 days ago
Why The Last Trading Day Of February Is That Important 4 days ago
Gold And The King: The True Story Of Opposites 5 days ago
Solar Stocks Heat Up 6 days ago
The Daily Gold

March Economic Update 9 hours ago
Erik Townsend Gives Near Term Outlook on Gold 4 days ago
Are Gold Miners Leading Gold? 4 days ago
Mickey Fulp Comments on Effect of Currency Weakness & Oil Crash on Gold Miners 5 days ago
Fund Managers are Very Bullish?Again 5 days ago
Precious Metals Video Update 1 week ago
Precious Metals Shakeout 1 week ago
Gold & Gold Stocks Near Term Prognosis 1 week ago
Interview with Wall Street Window 1 week ago
2015 Forecasts for Gold & Gold Mining Stocks 2 weeks ago
Economists View

Links for 03-04-15 10 hours ago
Fed Watch: Does The Fed Have a Currency Problem? 1 day ago
Links for 03-03-15 1 day ago
Paul Krugman: Walmart?s Visible Hand 2 days ago
Fed Watch: Game On 2 days ago
Links for 03-02-15 2 days ago
Links for 03-01-15 3 days ago
Links for 02-28-15 4 days ago
Paul Krugman: What Greece Won 5 days ago
Have Blog, Will Travel 5 days ago
Old School Value

4 Red Flags That Make Cirrus Logic a Sell Today 10 hours ago
The Finest Collection of Value Investing Checklists 5 days ago
8 Best Accounting Websites to Help Investors Understand and Interpret Accounting 1 week ago
What Whole Foods is Worth Today and What That Means for Shareholders 2 weeks ago
19 Finance and Investment Tools for Faster Research and Easy Money Management 2 weeks ago
The 7 Deadliest Words of Investing and Why You Are Not Smarter than the Average Bear 3 weeks ago
Yelp Is Still A Wildly Overpriced Stock With Big Downside Risk 3 weeks ago
How to Normalize Earnings and Get Better EPS Estimates than Analysts 3 weeks ago
Do These 3 Graham?s Formula Stocks Satisfy Growth and Value? 4 weeks ago
The Top 4 Practical Investing Podcasts for Value Investors 1 month ago
Survival Blog

Notes for Wednesday ? March 04, 2015 11 hours ago
Reaching Out to the Un-Prepped, by Mark C. ? Part 1 11 hours ago
Letter: A Few Thoughts on Water Storage 11 hours ago
Economics and Investing: 11 hours ago
JWR?s Recommendations of the Week: 11 hours ago
Odds ?n Sods: 11 hours ago
Hugh?s Quote of the Day: 11 hours ago
Notes for Tuesday ? March 03, 2015 1 day ago
Defending The Castle, by R.T. 1 day ago
Guest Article: Gold ? The Good, Bad, and Truly Ugly, by Gary Christenson 1 day ago
Mishs Global Economic Trend Analysis

Business Activity Contracts in Japan, Modest Expansion in China; PBOC Rate Cut Seen 15 hours ago
Ukraine Hikes Rate to 30%, Requires Corporations to Sell 75% of Foreign Currency Earnings; Miners Not Paid For 3 Months 19 hours ago
Bill Gross: Too Much Debt, Too Many Zombie Corporations, Low Interest Rates Destroy Pension System 1 day ago
Illinois Pension Plans 39% Funded; Taxpayers On the Hook for $105 Billion in Liabilities; It Will Get Worse! 1 day ago
Greece Accuses Spain and Portugal of Conspiracy; 3rd Greece Bailout Discussion Under Way for ?30-50 Billion 1 day ago
Austria "Bad Bank" Goes Bad, $8.5 Billion "Bail-In" Underway 2 days ago
Greece Negotiations Resume Again; "Constructive Ambiguity"; Schńuble Outmaneuvered! 3 days ago
Panic in Ukraine Over Food, Empty Stores and Protests; Strategic Food Reserve Empty 4 days ago
"NowCast" - The Evolution of GDP Forecasting 4 days ago
Chicago PMI Crashes to 5 1/2 Year Low: Production, New Orders, Backlogs Suffer Double Digit Declines 5 days ago
ETF Digest

Post Nasdaq Let Down 18 hours ago
Oh The Joy, Nasdaq Hits 5000 1 day ago
Markets Struggle To Find Volume And Direction 6 days ago
Yellen Gives Bulls Something To Chew On 1 week ago
Greece And EU Make A Deal 1 week ago
High Noon For Greece And EU 1 week ago
Fed Minutes Highlight Yellen Gaffe 1 week ago
Germans Want To Say No, But Will They? 2 weeks ago
Friday The 13th Biggest Short Squeeze Since 2009 2 weeks ago
$6.9 Trillion In Stock Buybacks Dwarf QE 2 weeks ago
Fallond Picks

Bears Scratch The Market 20 hours ago
Solid gains, especially for the Semiconductor Index 1 day ago
Light selling, but not enough to threaten breakouts 2 days ago
Second Day of Quiet Action 5 days ago
Stall in Action 6 days ago
Dow and Semiconductor Index Add to Gains 1 week ago
Dow Breakout Continues Market Strength 1 week ago
Small Caps Take Best of Action 1 week ago
Little to Add... 2 weeks ago
Breakouts Hold 2 weeks ago
Liberty Blitzkrieg

The Untouchables ? Government Employee Can?t Be Fired Despite Watching 6 Hours of Porn a Day at Work 21 hours ago
Bernanke Wants the U.S. President to Declare ?Economic Emergencies? in Future Crises 1 day ago
Caught on Video ? LAPD Guns Down Homeless Man in Broad Daylight 1 day ago
NYC Residents Will Pay $2-3k a Month for ?Micro-Apartments? as Luxury Car Sales Outpace Regular Car Sales 2 days ago
Is the Media Trying to ?Disappear? Rand Paul As Was Done to His Father? 3 days ago
Jeb Bush Forced to Bus Supporters From Washington D.C. to CPAC as Attendees Walk Out On Him 4 days ago
Annaly?s CEO Accurately Compares Central Bankers to Witch Doctors; Possible ?Blood-Letters? 5 days ago
Practicing Non-Violence in Our Home 5 days ago
Hillary Clinton Exposed Part 2 ? Clinton Foundation Took Millions From Countries That Also Fund ISIS 5 days ago
Obstruction of Justice ? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Begins Purge of State Employee Emails 6 days ago
Kid Dynamites World

Let?s Talk About Formaldehyde Testing Regulations 22 hours ago
Lumber Liquidators: Black and White 1 day ago
Buffett Being Buffett ? Highlights From Berkshire?s Shareholder Letter 4 days ago
Conspiracy FACT: Gold Manipulation Goes Front Page 1 week ago
Gaming Medicare 1 week ago
Healthcare.Gov: Critics Vindicated 1 week ago
Russian Propagandists at Zerohedge Showing Palpable Desperation 2 weeks ago
Was Barry Ritholtz Paid to Bash The Grilled Cheese Truck Inc? 3 weeks ago
Wynn Earnings Call Tidbits ? Q4 2014 4 weeks ago

Lessons From a Dozen Years of Short Selling 23 hours ago
Jeff Vinik Says Market Not In A Bubble 23 hours ago
Discount to the London Value Investor Conference 2015 23 hours ago
Stan Druckenmiller on Markets, The Fed, & Which Investors He Admires Most 1 day ago
JANA Partners Increases Computer Sciences Stake 1 day ago
Kingstown Capital Files 13D on Home Loan Servicing Solutions 6 days ago
New Hedge Fund Wisdom Issue Out Now Featuring Analysis of Colfax (CFX) & American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) 1 week ago
Free Sample Of Our Hedge Fund Wisdom Newsletter: New Issue Out In One Week 2 weeks ago
Makaira Partners Trims Capella Education Stake 2 weeks ago
Baupost Group Starts Bellatrix Exploration Stake, Adds to SunEdison, Reduces Syneron Medical 3 weeks ago
Capitalist Exploits

The Market is Simply NOT Expecting This to Happen 23 hours ago
How to Get Amazing Abs and Understand Markets (No, Seriously!) 6 days ago
This WILL Happen! 1 week ago
When Volatility and Debt Collide 2 weeks ago
This is the Land of Milk and Honey 2 weeks ago
A Stealth Bull Market Developing in Gold 3 weeks ago
The US Dollar Bull Market is Alive and Well 4 weeks ago
Why Jim Rogers is Wrong 1 month ago
What Parenting Has in Common with Raising Capital 1 month ago
12 Reasons Why Here and not There 1 month ago
The Reformed Broker

The Smart Questions Clients Ask 23 hours ago
The Riskalyze Report: Advisors Sell Fake Bond Holdings 1 day ago
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled? 1 day ago
Will Wells Fargo Step Up and Lead? 1 day ago
Most Over and Undervalued Home Markets in America 1 day ago
ALERT: Nasdaq Composite On Fleek 2 days ago
Hot Links: So Old School 2 days ago
I Literally Just Can?t Even 2 days ago
QOTD: Preachers of Pessimism 2 days ago
America as 100 College Students 2 days ago
Abnormal Returns

Tuesday links: convincing investors 1 day ago
Startup links: ugly ducklings vs. black swans 1 day ago
Monday links: level playing fields 2 days ago
Research links: statistical distortion 2 days ago
Sunday links: check your ego 3 days ago
Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns 3 days ago
Saturday links: dashboard duel 4 days ago
Friday links: endless mediocrity 5 days ago
Podcast links: retirement optimism 5 days ago
Thursday links: novel stresses 6 days ago
Sizemore Insights

Graphic: REIT Dividend Yields Since 1972 1 day ago
What To Do With Your Tax Refund 1 day ago
Follow Up to Iran Now Has a Lower Birthrate Than France 1 day ago
The Bangladesh Butter Indicator Says Buy! 1 day ago
Straight Talk Money: What Warren Buffett Eats for Breakfast and the Passing of a Wall Street Legend 5 days ago
Five Stocks the Billionaires are Buying 5 days ago
Oh lÓ lÓ! Looking for Dividend Yield? Explore France 5 days ago
Though It Pains Me To Say It, Obama?s Recommendations For The Brokerage Industry Are Surprisingly Sensible 6 days ago
Want to Build a Safe Income Portfolio? Don?t Chase Yield 1 week ago
Why Retirees Should Never Invest In Annuities 1 week ago
Meb Faber Research

Cash Cows of the Dow 1 day ago
Webinar and NYC Travel 1 day ago
Global Asset Allocation ? New Book! 1 week ago
#1 Read of the Year 2 weeks ago
How to Hedge Your Business 4 weeks ago
Everything Old is New Again 1 month ago
Why Don?t Asset Management Companies Hedge Their Biggest Risk? 1 month ago
The Most (Not) Hated Bull Market 1 month ago
My Budget 360

The 35 year drought in real wages for American workers: American workers really haven?t had a raise since 1979. 1 day ago
The long inflation con on the public: How the CPI severely underreports inflation and the slow erosion in the American standard of living. 3 days ago
Subprime lending at highest level since financial crisis hit: The three leading subprime categories are auto loans, credit cards, and student debt. $189 billion in subprime loans made in 2014. 1 week ago
The revival of the American debt machine: auto loans, student debt, and credit card debt surge in latest report. Total non-housing debt now at $3.15 trillion. 1 week ago
A demographic tsunami looms: By 2020 we will have 20 percent of our population 65 and older. Half of elderly Americans would be in financial ruin if it weren?t for Social Security. 2 weeks ago
Top 4 largest occupation sectors in the United States all in the low wage service sector paying $10 an hour or less: What does it mean living near the minimum wage? 2 weeks ago
The Canadian housing market will implode in dramatic fashion: 5 charts highlighting the inevitable pop to Canada?s real estate boom. 3 weeks ago
The evolution of low wage America: The most common jobs by state in 1978 to 2014. The destruction of the manufacturing industry. 3 weeks ago
The largest bracket of tax payers in the United States is made up by those making $15,000 a year or less: Half of all federal taxes paid by those making $250,000 or more. Sample $50,000 budget. 4 weeks ago
Market indicators suggesting a correction is coming: On Black Tuesday Shiller PE Ratio was at 30. Today it is at 26.2 and volatility is back in a big way. 1 month ago

Fiduciary rules for financial advisors would spur tech spending 1 day ago
On path to becoming public, Tera Group emphasizes bitcoin derivative 1 day ago
Samsung officially challenges Apple Pay with announcement of Samsung Pay 1 day ago
OpenBondX, MTS Markets and MarketAxess all launch products in e-bond trading race 1 day ago
KCG launches risk arbitrage group 1 day ago
New JPMorgan hedge fund services head to oversee tech project completion 1 day ago
RBS largely exits global investment banking 6 days ago
JPMorgan to streamline branch network, large deposits and technology and operations 6 days ago
Softcard acquisition joins former competitor Google to face Apple 6 days ago
BlackRock launches smart beta bond ETF 6 days ago
Dollar Collapse

Apple?s iWatch and Some Crazy Gold Numbers 1 day ago
Another Reason To Worry About The Stock Market 6 days ago
Lowest Interest Rates EVER 1 week ago
Too Many Houses, Not Enough Jobs 1 week ago
If Debt Was The Problem? 1 week ago
Who Decides What Is Money? 1 week ago
Greece Is Fixed! Oh, Wait? 1 week ago
Greece Isn?t Really The Problem 2 weeks ago
Gold In A Negative Interest Rate World 2 weeks ago
Now Watch Denmark 3 weeks ago
Afraid to Trade

Bull Trap and Target Level Update for Copper JJC 1 day ago
March 2 Reversal Market Update and Trending Stock Scan 2 days ago
Yes Stocks can Still Fall Market Update and Trending Stock Scan Feb 27 4 days ago
Three Strong Country ETFs Joining the US at New Highs 5 days ago
Feb 26 Market Can Actually Fall Update and Stock Scan 5 days ago
Feb 25 Continuation Market Update and Stock Scan 1 week ago
John Carter Webinar Tonight! How to Generate Consistent Trading Results 1 week ago
Feb 24 New Highs Market Update and Stock Scan 1 week ago
9 Stocks Breaking Strongly to New 52 Week Highs Today 1 week ago
Buying Apple AAPL on Breakouts to New Highs 1 week ago
All Star Charts

Are Shares of Twitter About to Break Out? 1 day ago
Fox Business: Internet & Social Media Stocks 5 days ago
About That Breakout In The New York Stock Exchange Composite 5 days ago
Audio: Benzinga Morning Radio Show 2-26-15 6 days ago
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