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Stock Gumshoe

Is my pension safe? 1 hour ago
Slingshot Trader subscription at InvestorPlace Media 4 hours ago
Where and which is Caseys new gold Mine ? thanks R. corey 9 hours ago
Very Pleased with Facebook 3 days ago
?The #1 Way to Own Gold ? Even if the Dollar Rises? (Mega Trends) 3 days ago
Tele-Medicine (PTT) And M-Health Market Shares, Strategies, And Forecasts,Worldwide, 2015-2021 3 days ago
Quickie: Cabot?s ?unstoppable wave of growth? in Big Data stock 4 days ago
Jim Mengel?s ?Dividend Aristocrat? 5 days ago
Does anyone know about Chris Versace? ?Guardian Angel? stock recommendation ? supposed to increase in value 13-1 in the next 2 years ? 5 days ago
TICKED OFF ! 5 days ago
Mishs Global Economic Trend Analysis

Greece Boils Over; No Rules, Just Right; German Rabbits 2 hours ago
New Problem, Old Tracks 1 day ago
ECB Buys Negative Yield Covered Bonds; Trade Guaranteed to Blow Up 1 day ago
Durable Goods Orders Up but Core Capital Goods Negative Again 1 day ago
Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Report: Nearly a Clean Negative Sweep; US Dollar Effect in Spotlight 2 days ago
New Home Sales Down 11.4% Overall, 15.8% in South; Median Price Declines 2 days ago
Seven Year Negative Returns in Stocks and Bonds; Fraudulent Promises 2 days ago
Ukraine Update: Not Quiet on the Eastern Front; Sanitized US News; Wakeup Call From Poland 3 days ago
How to Eliminate Illegal Competition 3 days ago
The Chicago Penalty 3 days ago
Dollar Collapse

If Other Gold Miners Can Do What Newmont Just Did, Look Out 3 hours ago
US Factories Crushed By Strong Dollar 1 day ago
The Coolest Silver Coins, Finally Back On The Market 3 days ago
Corporate Profit Pattern Emerges: Okay Earnings, Disappointing sales 3 days ago
When All News Is Bad News 4 days ago
Is The Credibility Bubble Bursting? 6 days ago
2007 All Over Again? Let Us Count The Ways (And Remember What Happened Then) 1 week ago
Is A Trap About To Be Sprung? 1 week ago
OPEC Going Broke, Dumping Dollars. Is That Good Or Bad? 1 week ago
Welcome To The Currency War, China Edition 1 week ago
Zero Hedge

TaRGeT LiBeRTY... 3 hours ago
Baltimore Protests Erupt; Mayor Asks Fans To Stay Inside Ballpark For Own Safety - Live Feed 4 hours ago
7 Habits Of Highly Effective Libertarians 4 hours ago
2000x Normal Radiation Found In Tokyo Playground, Officials Deny Any Link To Fukushima 4 hours ago
US May Use Cyberattacks As Offensive Weapon, DoD Says 5 hours ago
What Will Happen To You When The Dollar Collapses? 5 hours ago
How The Fed Creates Zombies In One Simple Flow Chart 7 hours ago
The "War On Cash" Migrates To Switzerland 9 hours ago
Is Greece About To "Lose" Its Gold Again? 9 hours ago
Volatility Is The Square Root Of Time & Fat Tails 10 hours ago
Wolf Street

Killing Cash Softly: 10 Spine-Chilling Quotes 4 hours ago
How Insane Is Canada?s Housing Bubble? 42% of ?Second-Time? Buyers Need (a lot of) Money from Mom & Dad to Buy a Home 1 day ago
Financial Mania Strikes Back 1 day ago
?That Strategy Will Succeed Until it Fails? ? Junk-Bond Guru Fridson on the Assumption Fed Will Continue to Prop up Bonds 2 days ago
EU?s 5 Worst Unemployment Fiasco Regions? Not in Greece! 2 days ago
Corporate America?s Millstone of Too Much Cash 2 days ago
The Greek People Just Destroyed Syriza?s Strategy 3 days ago
The Ambassador of Rotten National & Global Governance 3 days ago
Oil Prices Won?t Recover Anytime Soon ? Exxon CEO 3 days ago
Central Bank Governor Veers Off Script on Consequences of QE, Sees ?Illusion of Liquidity? & ?Asset Bubbles,? Dreads Crash 4 days ago

It?s Over: This Is the ONLY Picture You Need To See To Know It?s Time To Get Out Of Stocks 6 hours ago
A Green Beret?s Guide To Action Bags: ?Your Go-To-Kit When You Have To Pop Smoke & Depart In a Rapid Manner? 10 hours ago
The Next Phase of Global Economic Crisis: ?It Is Going To Shock The World? 1 day ago
Report: JP Morgan Chase Prepares For Crisis By Stockpiling Silver: ?An Exceptionally Large Amount? 1 day ago
Going Rogue: 15 Ways to Detach From the System 2 days ago
Protect Yourself With Hard Assets: ?You Can?t Trust Any Of These Currencies? Or The People Who Run Them? 3 days ago
Banned: Chase Bank Says You Can No Longer Store Cash or Precious Metals In Your Safe Deposit Box 3 days ago
Propaganda Works: A Significant Majority Of Americans Think The Economy Is Good? And Only Getting Better 3 days ago
They Said Go To College: ?It Seems Something Went Wrong on the Road To Riches? 4 days ago
The End Game Has Arrived: ?All Signs and Evidence Point to the Great Global Economic Reset? 4 days ago
Big Picture

A Cheat Sheet for Figuring Out Where in the US You Are by Recognizing the Background From Movies 6 hours ago
Music First, Stardom Second 10 hours ago
MiB: Schwab?s Liz Ann Sonders 16 hours ago
10 Weekend Reads 19 hours ago
Shaggy Off: Steve Higgins vs Shaggy 1 day ago
Succinct Summations of Week?s Events 4.24.15 1 day ago
Nasdaq Bubble Stole From Future Returns 1 day ago
Is the Nasdaq in another bubble? (An Interactive Journey) 1 day ago
10 Friday AM Reads 1 day ago
New All Time Nasdaq Highs 1 day ago
Value Walk

Richard Scarry?s Busy Town jobs for the 21st century 12 hours ago
Charles Fabrikant?s 1Q15 Letter To Seacor Holdings Stockholders 13 hours ago
How Will The iPhone 7 Overcome Bendgate? 13 hours ago
Pabrai Investment Funds Annual Meeting Notes ? 2014 14 hours ago
Oil Refiners Profiting From High ?Crack Spread? 16 hours ago
Fireside Markets Episode 06: Fixing The 401(k) With Ben Carlson [Podcast] 16 hours ago
When Is Apple iPad Pro Releasing? 16 hours ago
10 High-Conviction Purchases by the Ultimate Stock-Pickers 16 hours ago
Harold Hamm: Wrong To Help Iran But Not US Oil Producers 16 hours ago
Get Some Fresh Ideas With These New Spring Book Releases 16 hours ago

[KR749] Keiser Report: Age of False Profits 13 hours ago
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic 14 hours ago
Our Financial Future: Infinite Greed Meets a Funny Thing Called Karma 15 hours ago
Fund Manager: Smoking Gun Evidence That Derivatives Melt-Down HAS BEGUN Behind the Scenes! 15 hours ago
Banking giant HSBC considers moving headquarters out of London (ft. Max Keiser) 16 hours ago
The Rehypothecation of Gold, and Why It Matters 1 day ago
Looking forward to be back on @realalexjones Tues. 28th!!! Don?s Miss This Video ? Max Keiser & Alex Jones Masonic Handshake 1 day ago
Four Swedish Cops on Vacation in NYC Teach the NYPD a Lesson in Humanity 1 day ago
Election ?Chaos? In UK Could Trigger ?Lehman Moment? For Pound 1 day ago
More! by Sketchaganda 1 day ago

The Fab 5 update 14 hours ago
Position Updates 14 hours ago
Positions 1 day ago
Options Expiration ? April 24 weekly 2 days ago
Earnings Trade in Edwards Lifesciences 2 days ago
International Business Machines 2 days ago
United Rentals 3 days ago
F5 Networks 3 days ago
Earnings trades 3 days ago
Earnings Trades for 4/22 BMO 4 days ago
24/7 Wall St

8 Analyst Stock Picks Under $10 With Massive Upside Targets 14 hours ago
7 Oil and Gas Stocks Analysts Want You to Buy Now 15 hours ago
Suddenly, Ford Offers Big Discounts on New F-Series Pickups 16 hours ago
Oil Rigs Drop by 31, Hedge Funds Look Elsewhere for Profits 16 hours ago
Big Earnings Week Keeps Insider Buying Slow but Steady 17 hours ago
Massive Energy Trade Highlights High-Profile Insider Selling This Week 17 hours ago
4 Dividends and Buybacks That Should Not Be Ignored 17 hours ago
Miles Driven by Americans Reached All-Time High in February 17 hours ago
Obviously, People Will Not Pay for Hamburger Delivery From McDonald?s 17 hours ago
The 52-Week Low Club for Friday 1 day ago
Points and Figures

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship 16 hours ago
Why Exchanges Show the Book 1 day ago
Spoofing: Membership At CME 2 days ago
Bridges to Brooklyn, and Swampland in Florida 2 days ago
More on Trade Following Apps 3 days ago
It?s A New Information Age in Financial Markets 4 days ago
How To Make Great Leaps Forward In Civilization 5 days ago
What?s a Sexy Startup? 6 days ago
Moore?s Law 1 week ago
Is There a Tech Bubble? What?s the Value of a Network? 1 week ago
Dragonfly Capital

SPY Trends and Influencers April 25, 2015 17 hours ago
Macro Week in Review/Preview April 24, 2015 1 day ago
Protect your Apple Stock through Earnings 1 day ago
SPY Trends and Influencers April 25, 2015 1 day ago
Forget the stock market adage buy low and sell high 1 day ago
Unlocked: Amazon and Starbucks premium earnings trades 2 days ago
Dressing an earnings trade in Hanesbrands 2 days ago
Premium Earnings 4-23-15 2 days ago
Technical Analysis is Hogwash in the Long Term 2 days ago
Unlocked: Facebook and Skechers earnings trades 3 days ago
Notes from the Rabbit Hole

US Should Recognize 1st Genocide of 20th Century 17 hours ago
Around the Web 1 day ago
Why Gold Mining Co?s Should Never Hedge 1 day ago
One Concern Eased 1 day ago
Chinese Stock Market: Trade Like a Pro in 1 Min! 2 days ago
Copper & Copper Miners, S/T Divergence 2 days ago
Whither (Wither?) Profits 2 days ago
Uranium Stocks Pop 3 days ago
Why Not Short the Market? This? 3 days ago
Gold is Not a Play on ?CPI Inflation? 3 days ago
Angry Bear

The Solid Information Factor 18 hours ago
Why Marco Rubio Reminds Me of Sarah Palin* 1 day ago
Open thread April 24, 2015 1 day ago
Nick and Joe are doing their best to beat back Milton Friedman et al 1 day ago
Moving the goal posts on ACA success (w/update) 2 days ago
Why Marco Rubio Reminds Me of Sarah Palin 2 days ago
Michigan 2 days ago
Scott Walker Dumped? 2 days ago
Warren Answers Obama 2 days ago
Hughes on First? 3 days ago
INO Traders Blog

In Search of the Most Efficient Energy & Commodity ETFs 18 hours ago
Weekly Futures Recap With Mike Seery 1 day ago
Will The NASDAQ And S&P 500 Continue To Move Higher? 1 day ago
Gold Alert! 1 day ago
Fed Has Plenty of Excuses Not To Do Anything Soon 1 day ago
Silver Price Could be Headed to $12 2 days ago
5 Stocks I Found Using The Trade Triangle Technology 2 days ago
S&P 500 Alert! 2 days ago
Avoiding Mental Sabotage 2 days ago
Gold and Silver: Catch The Wave Up 3 days ago
Naked Capitalism

Links 4/25/15 19 hours ago
Greece Talks With Eurogroup Hit ?Complete Breakdown? 20 hours ago
Joe Firestone: Another Danger of the TPP: It Sacrifices Monetary Sovereignity 1 day ago
2:00PM Water Cooler 4/24/15 1 day ago
Links 4/24/15 1 day ago
Immigrant Bed Mandate Ensures Guaranteed Profit for For-Profit Prison System 1 day ago
Media Consolidation Thwarted Again as Comcast Backs Off Time Warner Deal 2 days ago
The Gazprom Case: Good Timing or Bad Timing? 2 days ago
Wolf Richter: The Greek People Just Destroyed Syriza?s Strategy 2 days ago
2:00PM Water Cooler 4/23/15 2 days ago
Pragmatic Capitalism

The Fear Trade Is Still Being Demolished 20 hours ago
3 Valuable Lessons From the Nasdaq Bubble 1 day ago
Why Financial Stability Has Become Increasingly Important 1 day ago
Secular Stagnation or Golden Era of Low and Stable Growth? 2 days ago
Index Funds Really are the Future of Investing 3 days ago
What Are Your Actual Returns? 4 days ago
Three Things I Think I Think 5 days ago
Finding Religion on ?Crowding Out? 6 days ago
Placing Constraints on Yourself 6 days ago
The Return of Wall Street Week 6 days ago
Economists View

Links for 04-25-15 23 hours ago
Paul Krugman: Zombies of 2016 1 day ago
Links for 04-24-15 1 day ago
Robert Hall: Secular Stagnation in the US 2 days ago
Links for 04-23-15 2 days ago
Faster Productivity Growth May Not Lift Middle Class Incomes 3 days ago
Links for 04-22-15 3 days ago
An Economic Agenda for Hillary Clinton 4 days ago
Links for 04-21-15 4 days ago
Paul Krugman: Greece on the Brink 5 days ago
Survival Blog

Notes for Saturday ? April 25, 2015 1 day ago
?Internet? Without Infrastructure ? Part 5, by R.H. 1 day ago
Two Letters Re: ?Internet? Without Infrastructure 1 day ago
Economics and Investing: 1 day ago
Odds ?n Sods: 1 day ago
Hugh?s Quote of the Day: 1 day ago
Notes for Friday ? April 24, 2015 2 days ago
?Internet? Without Infrastructure ? Part 4, by R.H. 2 days ago
Letter: Cash at KFC 2 days ago
Economics and Investing: 2 days ago
ETF Digest

Back To The Future For Nasdaq 1 day ago
Financial Engineering Grips Wall Street 3 days ago
Market Trading Range Continues For Now 4 days ago
Markets Turn Schizophrenic 5 days ago
TBTP Lower Boom On Stocks 1 week ago
Bernanke Cashes In With HFT Hedge Fund Citadel 1 week ago
Markets Rally On Bad News Again 1 week ago
Markets Sleepwalking Higher 1 week ago
Bulls Worry About Earnings 1 week ago
Fed Liquidity Powers Financial Engineered Deals 2 weeks ago
Meb Faber Research

Schwab vs. WealthFront vs. Betterment 1 day ago
If US Stocks Are Expensive, How Do I Protect Myself? 1 week ago
Templeton & Stock Valuation 3 weeks ago
March Tweets[View the story ?New Story? on Storify] 3 weeks ago
13F Critics, Silenced? 3 weeks ago
Stocks are the Most Expensive, Well, Ever 1 month ago
What a Great Time To Be An Investor! 1 month ago
February Tweets 1 month ago

Write-Offs: 4.25.15 1 day ago
Sale of Lehman?s Stake in D.E. Shaw Proves That Valley People Will Buy Anything 1 day ago
Shirtless Employees, Sexualized Gift Cards No Longer Part Of Abercrombie & Fitch?s Business Model 1 day ago
It Probably Won?t Take Until 2030 For The Next Nasdaq Record 1 day ago
Barclays CEO Feeling Pretty Confident Various Investigations Into Alleged Employee Misconduct Will Be But A Distant Memory In Short Order 1 day ago
Some People, Their Lawyers Will Split $26.5 Million Because Nasdaq Screwed Something Up Three Years Ago 1 day ago
Making Your Wife Step Away From Her Finance Job Is The Hot New Republican Primary Trend 1 day ago
Fake Hedge Fund Manager?s Online Dating Membership In Peril 1 day ago
Even When He Turns Down Money, Elon Musk Makes Millions 1 day ago
Opening Bell: 4.25.15 1 day ago
Crossing Wall Street

Microsoft +10% 1 day ago
The Nasdaq Divided By the Russell 3000 1 day ago
CWS Market Review ? April 24, 2015 1 day ago
Morning News: April 24, 2015 1 day ago
CR Bard Earned $2.10 per Share 2 days ago
Comcast Pulls Out of Time Warner Deal 2 days ago
Snap-on Earns $1.87 per Share 2 days ago
Morning News: April 23, 2015 2 days ago
eBay Earns 77 Cents per Share 3 days ago
Qualcomm Earned $1.40 per Share 3 days ago
Liberty Blitzkrieg

Four Swedish Cops on Vacation in NYC Teach the NYPD a Lesson in Humanity 1 day ago
The Federal Reserve Refuses to Provide Names Requested by Congress in Probe 1 day ago
More Clinton Foundation Cronyism ? The Deal to Sell Uranium Interests to Russia While Hillary was Secretary of State 2 days ago
Houston Cop and Former ?Officer of the Year? Indicted for Trafficking Weapons for Los Zetas Drug Cartel 3 days ago
GOP Establishment Queen Mitch McConnell Introduces Patriot Act Reauthorization with Zero NSA Reforms 3 days ago
The Dissident Dad ? Raising Independent Minded Children in America is Tough 3 days ago
11-Year-Old Kansas Boy Taken Away from Mom Due to Her Use of Cannabis Oil to Treat Crohn?s Disease 3 days ago
A Practical Utopian?s Guide to the Coming Collapse ? David Graeber on ?The Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs? 4 days ago
The National Guard Referred to Ferguson Protesters as ?Enemy Forces? and ?Adversaries? Ahead of Deployment 4 days ago
Video of the Day ? Florida Citizen Pulls Over Cop for Speeding with a Broken Headlight 5 days ago
Dynamic Hedge

70 days of suffering in WalMart 1 day ago
The upside of low probability outcomes 2 weeks ago
April is very bullish in a weird way 3 weeks ago
April is very bullish in a weird way 3 weeks ago
Representativeness Bias: Easy Classifications 1 month ago
Representativeness Bias: Easy Classifications 1 month ago
Confirmation bias: A dependable filter of objective information 5 months ago
Confirmation bias: A dependable filter of objective information 5 months ago
Conservatism Bias: How to know what new information to focus on 5 months ago
Conservatism Bias: How to know what new information to focus on 5 months ago
Coyote Blog

Materials I Use to Teach My 90-Minute Economic Class 1 day ago
I Never Listen to Democrats; I Learned Everything I Need To Know About them From Rush Limbaugh 1 day ago
I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means 1 day ago
Bring Back Concubinage! 2 days ago
The Clinton Foundation Appears to Be A Terrible Charity 3 days ago
Best Campgrounds of the West 3 days ago
Consensus Science 4 days ago
Putting Neville Chamberlain in Historic Context 4 days ago
Yes I Sprayed Graffiti on Your House. I Now Demand You Clean It Up 5 days ago
Two Steps Back for Free Speech in Nevada 1 week ago
Afraid to Trade

April 24 Rally Rages Market Update and Stock Scan 1 day ago
Trend Trading and Triangles for Euro and US Dollar 2 days ago
Match Your Trading Style with the Market 2 days ago
Join Me Live Thursday for a Free Coaching Webinar 3 days ago
What We Can Learn from the Three Failed Breakouts in AKAM (What Makes a Trap?) 3 days ago
What We Can Learn from the Many Breakouts in AKAM 3 days ago
April 21 Gap Trap Surprise Market Update and Stock Scan 4 days ago
Bullish Breakout Opportunity for You in ODFL 5 days ago
Bounce Back Bullish Market Update and Scan for April 20 5 days ago
Yes Indeed the Trading Range Continues: What You Need to Know 1 week ago
The Basis Point

Oil and Jobs 1 day ago
Durables Flat. 1 day ago
Is Housing up or down? 2 days ago
Housing Data Requires Closer Read. 3 days ago
Chain Store Sales down. 4 days ago
Chicago Fed Index at Lowest in Past 12 months. 5 days ago
CPI on Target at +1.8%. 1 week ago
Housing Starts Remain Weak 1 week ago
Mortgage Applications down after 3 Weeks of Gains. 1 week ago
Retail Sales up but Less than Expected. 1 week ago

Carlson Capital Goes Activist on Vitamin Shoppe 1 day ago
Hedge Fund Links ~ 4/24/15 1 day ago
Farallon Capital Trims Hudson Pacific Properties Stake 4 days ago
Ardsley Partners Starts Position in Bluerock Residential Growth REIT 4 days ago
Market Strategist Jeff Saut on Activity Versus Inactivity 4 days ago
Greenlight Capital Q1 Letter: David Einhorn Cuts Net Exposure In Half 4 days ago
Viking Global Starts Envision Healthcare Position 5 days ago
JANA Partners Goes Activist on Qualcomm 5 days ago
Stan Druckenmiller on Oil, China, Interest Rates & More: Bloomberg Interview 5 days ago
Julian Robertson Worried About Bubbles Bursting 5 days ago
Shadow Government Statistics

No. 714: March Durable Goods Orders, Median Household Income, New- and Existing-HomeSales 1 day ago
No. 713: March CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Housing Starts, GDP Prospects 1 week ago
No. 712: March Nominal Retail Sales, Industrial Production, PPI 1 week ago
No. 711: Updated Outlook for General Economic Conditions 2 weeks ago
No. 710: March Employment and Unemployment, Money Supply M3 3 weeks ago
No. 709: February Trade Deficit, Construction Spending 3 weeks ago
No. 708: Revised Fourth-Quarter 2014 GDP, Real Median Household Income 4 weeks ago
No. 707: February New Orders for Durable Goods 1 month ago
No. 706: February CPI, Home Sales and the Economy, Fed and Dollar 1 month ago
No. 705: February Housing Starts, Consumer Liquidity, GDP Outlook 1 month ago
Value Plays

Sub: An $8B Revenue Business No One Knows About 1 day ago
Subs: Calloway 2 days ago
Housing Data Still Bullish 2 days ago
Houston Housing Market Has Very Strong in March 2 days ago
Chemical Activity Indicates Further Market Gains 3 days ago
Subs: More Factually Inaccurate Criticism 5 days ago
Subs: Looks Like 80 South Going JV Route 1 week ago
Subs: BAC 1 week ago
Subs: Another JV 1 week ago
American Apparel Taps Pickman 2 weeks ago
Kapitall Wire

Celebrating 20 years of Friday 1 day ago
Repent! Avocado-geddon may be upon us 2 days ago
Nuance: value play or trap? 2 days ago
Looks like millennials do buy cars after all 3 days ago
Nokia nabs Alcatel-Lucent 3 days ago
Oscar is a $1 billion startup that is changing healthcare 4 days ago
Looks like millennials do buy cars after all 4 days ago
Travelzoo?s 30 percent rally 4 days ago
Fintech + mobile = how to avoid financial FOMO 4 days ago
Oscar is a $1 billion startup that is changing healthcare 5 days ago
TF Metals Report

Just The Metals 1 day ago
Under The Surface 2 days ago
Guest Post: "The Tower of Greed", by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin 3 days ago
Back to PoundTown 3 days ago
An Overlooked News Item 4 days ago
Guest Post: "Is The Global Financial System On The Brink Of Collapse?", by "Denver" Dave Kranzler 1 week ago
With The Benefit Of Hindsight 1 week ago
Another Trip To PoundTown 1 week ago
Another Silver Short Squeeze Looms 1 week ago
More Craziness 1 week ago
The Future of Capitalism

The $92,700 Witness 1 day ago
Senator Franken Comcast Time-Warner Letter 2 days ago
Supreme Court Raisin Case 2 days ago
ObamaCare and Organogenesis 2 days ago
Hillary Hears Something 4 days ago
Another View 1 week ago
Penn Professor Backs 90 Percent Tax Rate 1 week ago
Another Non-Bank Lender 1 week ago
Profile in Courage 1 week ago
Retailers Under Fire 1 week ago
The Daily Gold

Are Gold Stocks the Cheapest Ever? 1 day ago
Interview with Wall Street Window 3 days ago
US$ to Correct 4 days ago
Gold, Silver & Gold Stocks Technical Update?3.21.2015 4 days ago
Balmoral Intersects 19.55 g/t Gold Over 44.45 M at Bug Lake Gold Trend 5 days ago
Which Way Will Precious Metals Break? 1 week ago
Chart of the Day: Commodity Crash 1 week ago
TheDailyGold Weekend Podcast #3 1 week ago
Balmoral Extends Grasset Horizon 3 Ni-Cu-PGE Discovery by 20% to Over 480 M Along Strike 2 weeks ago
Protected: Near-Term Prognosis of Gold & Gold Stocks 2 weeks ago
My Budget 360

Two-thirds of Americans don?t understand how credit cards work: The debt addiction in your pocket. 1 day ago
Student debt now makes up nearly half of federally owned financial assets. The student debt bubble edges on with many more unable to pay their debt. 5 days ago
1 out of 4 college adjunct faculty collecting government assistance: Students in debt and professors barely getting by all the while tuition soars. 1 week ago
The new American retirement plan equates to working forever: Nonexistent nest eggs and most Americans are bad at planning as to how long they will live. 1 week ago
The mega Chinese stock market bubble:  Over half of new investors only have a junior high education or less and the Shanghai Composite is up 100 percent in one year. 2 weeks ago
Record 93.2 million Americans now not in the labor force: The not in the labor force rebound added 277,000 Americans in March alone. 2 weeks ago
The economically lost generation of Millennials: taking a look at net worth data, living arrangements, and student debt. 3 weeks ago
Largest for-profit sees half of its students vanish in last five years: For-profits under fire as value comes into question. 4 weeks ago
Bear markets happen more than people think: Since 1940 we have encountered 12 bear markets. 1 month ago
Driving our way into financial poverty with six-year car loans: Once a minority, six-year or longer auto loans now make up one third of all new loans. 1 month ago
Avondales Blog

Company Notes Digest 4.24.15 1 day ago
Chipotle 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes 3 days ago
IBM 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes 5 days ago
Seagate FY 3Q15 Earnings Call Notes 5 days ago
Company Notes Digest 4.17.15 1 week ago
PNC Financial 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes 1 week ago
Johnson and Johnson 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes 1 week ago
Thoughts on GE Capital?s Capital Disposition 1 week ago
Company Notes Digest 4.10.15 2 weeks ago
April 2015 Investor Letter 2 weeks ago
Howard Lindzo

The Apple Watch Launches as Nasdaq Hits All Time Highs?Coincidence? 2 days ago
Peak Goldman or Peak Google?Who do you Anti-Trust 1 week ago
Great News for Stocktwits?More Capital, Faster Growth, Better Mobile, New Features 1 week ago
Live Streaming Video?Twitter, Periscope and Meerkat 1 month ago
The Bubble Predictions Continue?and Ted Knight 1 month ago
Laughs and Giggles ?Better than Any Vitamins. 1 month ago
Apple ? the first $2 Trillion Company 1 month ago
Charles Schwab versus The Robo?s and Wealthfront? 1 month ago
Stocktwits Meetups are Growing Fast?and our First SXSW FinTech and FinServ Event 1 month ago
Nasdaq 5,000 ?Finally the Nasdaq Passes my Cholesterol Level 1 month ago
Kid Dynamites World

Closed End Fund Arbitrage and Hostile Takeovers 2 days ago
Brewing Beer With No Water: Maple Sap Instead 1 week ago
Maple 2015: The Rush 2 weeks ago
Convenience Has A Price 2 weeks ago
Quality Advertising: ?I Came In Too Hot? 3 weeks ago
Amazon Launches Amazon Home Services 3 weeks ago
Kraft-Heinz: Is This Really a Buffett-type of Deal? 1 month ago
Homebrew Batch #48: Smokey Brown Ale 1 month ago
Homebrew Batch #47: ?Get The Hops Out of the Freezer? IPA 1 month ago
You Would Never Construct A Portfolio Like the Dow 1 month ago
Fallond Picks

Tech Indices Add To Breakout 2 days ago
Nasdaq Pushes to New Highs 3 days ago
Sellers Return But Damage Is Minimal 4 days ago
Bulls Lose Their Wiggle Room 6 days ago
Breakout in Small Caps Hold Despite Small Sell Off 1 week ago
Russell 2000 Breakout 1 week ago
Markets Regains Early Losses 1 week ago
Question from Reader 1 week ago
Rejection of All-Time Highs 1 week ago
Buying Strength Builds Pressure on All-TIme Highs 1 week ago

Consortium-backed Symphony platform to integrate with Box for content collaboration 2 days ago
ANV empowers brokers with tool for servicing customers through Internet, mobile phones 2 days ago
Goldman investment in Perseus highlights importance of speed 2 days ago
Investment platform emphasizes reporting, APIs, user interface in major revamp 2 days ago
European securities regulator calls for information for virtual currency study 2 days ago
Will banks and non-banks move toward a hybrid model? 4 days ago
API platform sees explosion of firms looking to build robo-advisors 4 days ago
UBS plans to exit automated options market making in US 4 days ago
Deutsche Bank plans spinoff of PostBank 4 days ago
BATS plans new options exchange with pro rata pricing 4 days ago
Quantifiable Edges

The Thursday Hot Streak 2 days ago
What The 1st 5-day Low In A While Has Led To Historically 6 days ago
Some Seasonal Strength Could Help Today 1 week ago
Monday When The Good Friday Employment Report Has Gone Bad 2 weeks ago
When The Employment Report Has Been Released On Good Friday 3 weeks ago
A Shift In ?1st of the Month? Market Behavior 3 weeks ago
Opex Week Performance By Month, And Why March Opex Is Notable 1 month ago
Historical Returns Following Very Bad Fridays (updated) 1 month ago
What Follows Relatively Large Drops From New Highs 1 month ago
A Big Move Up Followed By Narrow Range on Light Volume 2 months ago
Capitalist Exploits

Yes, Colombia! 3 days ago
This is NOT Fair! 1 week ago
Mongolia ? Is This Guy for Real? 2 weeks ago
Faith in Chaos 2 weeks ago
Is This How It All Begins to Unravel? 1 month ago
Is US Dollar Carry Trade a Menopause in the Currency Markets? 1 month ago
This Simple Strategy Could Have Potentially Saved Billions 1 month ago
The Anatomy of a Carry Trade Bubble 1 month ago
The Market is Simply NOT Expecting This to Happen 1 month ago
How to Get Amazing Abs and Understand Markets (No, Seriously!) 1 month ago
Morpheus Trading

How We Shook Out The Stock Trading Profits In Shake Shack ($SHAK) 3 days ago
3 Top Tips From A 20%+ Winning Stock Trade 1 week ago
3 Top Tips From A 20%+ Winning Stock Trade 1 week ago
2 Hot Stocks To Buy While The S&P And Nasdaq Take A Rest 1 month ago
2 Hot Stocks To Buy While The S&P And Nasdaq Take A Rest 1 month ago
Why Ride The Roller Coaster When You Can Buy A Gold ETF? 2 months ago
Why Ride The Roller Coaster When You Can Buy A Gold ETF? 2 months ago
Top Stock Screener Gets A Tune-Up (Including New Intl. Market Data) 2 months ago
Top Stock Screener Gets A Tune-Up (Including New Intl. Market Data) 2 months ago
How Patience For A Pullback Led To A 35% Gain Over Six Weeks 3 months ago

92 Quotes From The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks 4 days ago
The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks: Book Review and Summary 2 weeks ago
American States Water (AWR) Dividend Stock Analysis 3 weeks ago
Parker-Hannifin (PH) Dividend Stock Analysis 4 weeks ago
Quantitative vs. Qualitative Approach to Value Investing? 1 month ago
Selecting Dividend Stocks: 29 Top Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics 1 month ago
Emerson Electric (EMR) Dividend Stock Analysis 2 months ago
Procter & Gamble (PG) Dividend Stock Analysis 2 months ago
Archer-Daniels Midland (ADM) Dividend Stock Analysis 2 months ago
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Dividend Stock Analysis 2 months ago
Old School Value

16 Nuggets Of Advice On Selling Stocks From Investing Greats 5 days ago
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The Baseline Scenario

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An inverse relationship at J.C. Penney 4 weeks ago
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London Value Investor Conference, 20th May: Featuring Charles Brandes, Dato? Cheah Cheng Hye and Neil Woodford 1 month ago
The Investors Podcast 1 month ago
London Value Investor Conference, 20th May: Featuring Charles Brandes, Dato? Cheah Cheng Hye and Neil Woodford 1 month ago
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Abnormal Returns

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TradingSim Blog

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My Happy Trading

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